Nuclear weapons and materials pose an inherently existential threat to the world. But remain unsecure. What can you do about it?

Our Mission

The global community needs a robust solution to prevent nuclear weapons or fissile material from getting in the wrong hands. Preventing nuclear terrorism requires securing fissile materials, used in a range of applications around the globe. A terrorist who explodes one atom bomb could claim to have additional bombs and the world’s governments would have no good way to verify that. We need an updated, 21st century reference architecture based on the best, opensource standards that nations can voluntarily adopt to verify that their fissile materials and nuclear weapons remain within their control at all times and yet remain confidential only to those who have a need to know.

Nuclear terrorism, while not as catastrophic as a large-scale attack,
is much more likely to happen,
and its consequences would resound in unimaginable ways.
— William J. Perry, former Secretary of Defense